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sorry to hear that you left but I ll try to come hear and look at your stuff you do great work hope for the best you  Previous Response:
on March 23, 2012
 I have a very hard time posting my story wouhitt a lot of anger, and just simply telling what has happened to me in this system. An Email I received from Emily this morning makes me want to try my best. Even after spending Months with a therapist, I can’t do it. Judge (Commissioner) Thomsen stated a year ago my case was the longest running currently being litigated case in Nevada County, and it’s far from being over, just started the process with appellant court. I have had three trials in Department 5, and after numerous requests Judge McManus has refused one in Department 3.Emily put in the subject line “The Revolving Door” At first I thought this was a subject for the group that I wasn’t aware, but she was referring to my case. She said that at the meeting last Sunday that there was people that had been thru mediation 30 or 40 times with no resolution, and people did not believe her, I am one of those people.I believe our system is broken from the ways the laws are written to the Attorneys we hire, that may or may not follow the code of ethics, and the Bar that governs them. We have it worse in Nevada County that is complicated by poor managed and with no oversight of Family Court service and our Judges. I believe there is corruption as well, but cannot provide proof. The groups that are organizing are protesting against Department 3, Family Court services and Judge McManus I believe we need to be farther reaching and be looking at Department 5. Commissioner and now Judge Thomsen was no saint and we need to be active in the selection of the new Commissioner and force oversight of the new Commissioner . We need to add a clause to the stipulated agreement that we are all forced to sign when we walk into Department 5 to make it revocable, otherwise these commissioners become Judge Pro Tem forever, and then they no longer can be forced to have the oversight required by Family Code 4251 (c).The County has made the choice to hire a high priced San Francisco law firm to represent them, this is what lawyers do, and I expect they will find some loophole to get them out the liability for what they have done. If Emily wins her case the liability to the court is huge, just with my case alone, and I will be first in line to file a lawsuit to collect. They will do everything so this will not happen.We need to stand strong, be vocal. If as a group we can stand strong, the Court of public option will force change and change is what will be best for our kids, and my kids are #1.I will never ask for my name to be withheld. I feel it is all-important that the court knows my loath for their actions. 

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